Alessandro Adriani

Dreams Never End (Alessandro Adriani remix)


My promise could be your fiend, A given end to your dreams
A simple movement or rhyme, Could be the smallest of signs
We'll never know what they are or care in it's escapable view
There's no escape so few in fear, Give in a changing value

To be given your sight, Hid in a long peaceful night
A nervous bride for your eyes, A fractured smile that soon dies
A love that's wrong from your life and soul, A savage mine had begun
Hello, farewell to your love and soul, Hello, farewell to your soul

Now I know what those hands would do,
No looking back now, we're pushing through
We'll change these feelings, we'll taste and see
But never guess how the him would scream


this is a track from the POST ROMANTIC EMPIRE ALBUM remix project
by Alessandro Adriani (Mannequin Records, Newclear Waves)

DREAMS NEVER END (Alessandro Adriani remix)

originally composed by New Order
re-arranged and performed for the POST ROMANTIC EMPIRE ALBUM by MAJA ELLIOTT
remix by Alessandro Adriani

The Post Romantic Empire Album is the final manifestation of PRE and NT.

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